Sonia Fiuza

What's your name, your age, where do you live ?

Sonia FIUZA, I'm 28 and I live in Nice (France)

Which Martial Art do you do? What belt ?

I practice Karate Shotokan style, I'm black belt 4 th dan.

List any titles or competitions you have won.

  • National Championship (France)

  • European Championship

  • 2nd in World Championship

How many years of training ?

21 years of training and 10 years in National Team (kata)

How many hours of training per week ?

When I was a competitor, I trained approximately two hours a day, six days a week so between 12 and 14 hours a week. Now, I don't do competition anymore so I practice 6 or 7 hours a week.

Why did you start this sport ?

I discovered this sport when I was 6 years old at school. I did karate well and I liked it so my parents decided to register me in a karate club.

Why do you like this sport ?

I liked techniques and kata. I was young but I understood all the difficulties of this sport. I liked self control and discipline. More over, karate learn me concentration, human values and the importance of work to have results.

What's your favorite technique?

I thing it's gyaku tsuki. This is one of first techniques you learn when you begin karate but it's so hard to feel when you want strength. You have to coordinate your arm whith your hips if you want precision, efficiency and locking technique.

Have you ever had to use your skills in self defence?

Yes I had to use my skills in self-defence. Karate is not only techniques in fights, it's a martial attitude too. So I prevent a fight between two persons whith calm and self-control. Karate make it possible to prevent a fight happening.

Would you like to play in action/martial art movie ?

I like action and martial movies. When you were a competitor in martial arts, you know if techniques are realistic in fights. Action movies are not like this but why not !

Do you have other hobbys ?

I like training competitors in karate and physical training. Sport is my life, I created my society few months ago. I realised videos of kata and I wand to create more and more to help people in their training in karate, martial arts and other sports.

Any advices to women who want to practise this sport ?

Karate is a full sport. You can practice it in all ages. For women, it contributes to prevention, you can practice it to learn techniques in self-defence, be stronger and more athletic. You can practice kata, kumite and body karate. It's a mix of karate and fitness in music, that's very cool !

So girls, Karate is for you !,d.d2s

Thank you very much sonia !

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