Anzhelika Terlyuga : women martial arts world

Aie !

What's your name, your age, where do you live ?

Anzhelika Terlyuga, 21 years old, i'm from Odessa, Ukraine

Which Martial Art do you do? What belt ?

I'm karate WKF black belt

List any titles or competitions you have won.

European karate Regions Championships, Montenegro 2013 :

1 st place team kumite

European Goju ryu karate Championship, Austria 2013 :

1st place individual kumite -55 kg

World Goju ryu karate Championships, South Africa 2013 :

1st place individual kumite -55 kg

European universities karate championship, Bosnia & Herzegovina 2011 :

3rd place individual kumite -55 kg and 1st place team kumite

And winning many tournament in Ukraine and international arena. 

How many years of training ?

14 years

How many hours of training per week ?

5-6 trainings (1,5 hour ) per week

Why did you start this sport ?

My mom took me to the gym and I liked the world of karate.

Why do you like this sport ?

Karate has become integral part of my life. It helps to throw out the emotions and self-realization. It also helps to show my individuality.

What's your favorite technique?

Ura mawashi geri

Have you ever had to use your skills in self defence?


Would you like to play in action/martial art movie ?

I have long dreamed of such a chance !! 

Do you have other hobbys ?

I have no time for this.

I work as a manager in a company and training every day !

Any advices to women who want to practise this sport ?

Everyone will be able to realize themselves in this sport !

Thank you very much Anzhelika !!

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