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What's your name, your age, where do you live ?

My name is Laurence Belrhiti, I'm 21years old , I live in Strasbourg (France)

Which Martial Art do you do? What belt ?

I'm black belt 2nd dan in karate and I practice Body-karate.

List any titles or competitions you have won.

Body karate :

6 times French champion

karate :

3 times regional champion (Lorraine) in kata all styles

1st Wado Ryu French Cup in kata

2nd Wado Ryu European Cup in kata (Austria)

3rd Wado Ryu World Cup 2010 (Japan)

That's my most important titles.

How many years of training ?

It's been 17 years (I started at 4 years old). I started competition at 13 years.

How many hours of training per week ?

I'm a law student, I do internships everywhere in France, I teach body-karate... So I have little time to train. About 14 hours a week when I prepare competition.

Why did you start this sport ?

It's a family sport, I shared my parents passion.

Why do you like this sport ?

With karate, I learned to control myself, manage my emotions and my stress. I love the mentality of people in this sport. I am attracted by the values ​conveyed by the martial side, and Japan remains a constant goal for me.

With body-karate, I find another way to improve my technique, working the speed of movement, flexibility, coordination.
Music is a source of motivation for me.

What's your favorite technique?

Mawashi! As you can see on my photos !

Have you ever had to use your skills in self defence?

Not yet and that's better !

Would you like to play in action/martial art movie ?

Yes, that could be really fun, if i'm the hero of course

Do you have other hobbys ?

I have three passions :
music (piano bases, singer and composer), art (painting, drawing, creating, writing) and, of course, sport (horse riding, karate, body-karate, dance ...)

Any advices to women who want to practise this sport ?

If you're afraid of the strict side of karate and fights, just try body-karate, it's more like fitness, that can give you another image of karate.
Progressively you will seek to improve the aesthetics of your technique, and you will start karate without prejudice.
For karatekas, body-karate is a good way to work your cardio for the fight or kata, and your muscles! You will gain

Thank you very much Laurence !

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