Anastasia Khristenko : women martial arts world

What's your name, your age, where do you live ?

My name is Anastasia Khristenko , i'm 16 years old and i live in Minsk ( Belarus).

Which Martial Art do you do? What belt ?

Karate WKF, I'm a 3 kyu brown belt.

List any titles or competitions you have won.

2 times champion of Belarus.

2 times champion of Tallin Bulldog (2011, 2013)

2 times champion and 3th place of Sanker cup.

1st and 2nd place on Kyiv open.

Medalist of Union cup 2011, 1012.

Champion of Central Europe Open 2011.

How many years of training ?

About 10 years


How many hours of training per week ?

Usually 6 workouts a week.

Why did you start this sport ?

I started training as a child, I liked how passed training.

Why do you like this sport ?

Because I like fighting. This is a very interesting sport with a lot of techniques that i can use in fight.

I prefer kumite (katas are boring).


What's your favorite technique?

Yoko-geri and ushiro.

Have you ever had to use your skills in self defence?

No.... unfortunately , It would be interesting to test my strenght in the street.

Would you like to play in action/martial art movie ?

Yes, but I would not have time to traning

Do you have other hobbys ?

I like to photograph.

I would like to be a karate teacher.

Any advices to women who want to practise this sport ?

It's a v ery good sport, it d evelops coordination, speed of thinking, flexibility and techniques for self-defense course.

Thank you very much Anastasia !

Anastasia karate club channel :

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