Ena Dizdarevic : women martial arts world

What's your name, your age, where do you live ?

My name is Ena Dizdarević. I am 21. I live in Mostar, country Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am student of third year of college Mechanical engineering

List any titles or competitions you have won.

I am national champion in my country, in kata for couple last years, as a junior and now as a senior.
I won third place on World Fudokan championship.
I won two gold and one silver medal on Balkan Fudokan Championship.

Which Martial Art do you do? What belt ?

I do karate, Fudokan karate. I am black belt 2. DAN

How many years of training ?

I have been training for 11 years now.

How many hours of training per week ?

About 5,6.

Why did you start this sport ?

I started as a child, I was looking for right kind of sport for me, and I found karate.

Why do you like this sport ?

I like this sport because it develops me physically and mentally. It gives me more confidence and strenght. And because I meet people who become my big friends.

Favorite technique?

I like to do kata, there are plenty of techiques I enjoy doing every one of them, but i like more punches,

Have you ever had to use your skills in self defence?

Yes, three times, but I just defended myself.

I defended my self on the street two times against the thiefs. I punch them and run. And once defended my self in the night club against some drunk guy who started touching me. Karate helped me developing me on the right way from child to grown up person. I learn that you can achieve good results only with the hard work. No matter how hard can be now, always can be better. And you must believe in yourself and your ability in every moment of the life

Would you like to play in action/martial art movie ?

Why not hehe 

Do you have other hobbys ?

I enjoy cycling, running.

Any advices to women who want to practise this sport ?

My advice is that every person no matter age, sex or anything else should try some martial art. They dont have to practice it professionally to compete but recreational. Women should know couple basic punches and block just in case of self defence.

Thank you very much Ena !

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